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The ant gets things done! Not because he is big or scary, or bosses others around. Ant knows the value of patience and working as a team. It can take ant a long time to find food. But because she is patient and works with others, she gets the job done.


Ants live in colonies, which are like human cities. Each ant has a job, and they can communicate with each other through sounds, touch, and the scents their bodies make. If ants need to cross over a divide, they will make a bridge with their bodies so the other ants can crawl over it to the other side.

Old Book Opened.png

Ant teaches us the power of teamwork. What can you get done with the help of others that you couldn't do on your own? Do you sometimes rush to get a task done quickly instead of taking the time to work with others to get it done right? Maybe you don't think you have a team, but you do!

Your family is a team, your class at school is another team. A group of friends can be another team. How can you use ant wisdom to help others? Because when you work with others, they help you out too! March like ant and have some fun with your special team.



Can you think of a time when things would have worked out even better if you had help?


Find a buddy. Shake hands and agree to be on each other's team! Then, just for fun, go for a little march like ant.


Take a deep breath. Place your hand over your heart and your your voice to say: "I have a great team that supports me."

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