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The deer has kind, gentle eyes. 
He reminds us to always treat others
with kindness and respect, even if we don't agree with them. But deer also knows how to be himself. He has antlers to  protect himself in an emergency.

Deer understands that love is always the best choice, and that you can be loving and still be yourself. But it's not enough to just be kind and loving towards others- you also need to be kind to yourself. The magic of deer knows that everyone deserves a good dose of kindness. 



Here's a trick to try! Take a minute and stare into someone's eyes and smile at them. Or practice with yourself in the mirror. You'll be surprised at how your feelings change, because the magic of deer knows that everyone deserves a good dose of kindness.


Take a deep breath. Place your hand over your heart and use your voice to say "I choose to be kind to others and to myself."





 Is there someone who you have been struggling to be kind and gentle towards? Maybe a kid at school, or your parents? Or are you too hard on yourself and need to practice some self-love? 


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