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A very common saying you

may have heard adults say is

"You are as stubborn as a goat!"

But this can sometimes be a very good thing, because it means that you are determined. Being determined means that you will do the hard work to get something done. Goats are known for using their determination to climb very high mountains, and boy does it sure take strength and patience to climb a mountain.


You have to want to make it up to the top, and not give up! Even though climbing is tough, goats do their job playfully by jumping around from rock to rock, and even up into trees! They have fun too, because, well, why not? 


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Is there a special goal you have, or a project you want to start? Or is there a task you need to finish before you play, like your homework?


Goat reminds us to use our determination and sense of fun to get the job done. We can be so proud of ourselves when we accomplish something!




Jump up and down like a goat for fun, and then get busy!




Take a deep breath. Place your hand over heart and use your voice to say "I have determination. I can do this!"

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