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Calm & Grounded

These lovable creatures don't get stressed very easily. With their bellies to the ground, they remind us that we too are connected to the earth beneath our feet. If you think about it, feeling calm is easy when you realize you have the entire planet underneath you, just hanging out so that you can walk on it, play on it, and live your life with it's support. This is what the hedgehog knows- that calmness comes from being grounded and taking life one step at a time.This is the magic of hedgehog.Be calm and know that you are supported.


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Have you been feeling anxious, or stressed lately? Everyone experiences difficult emotions, and that is ok. The trick is to feel whatever we feel, and then to let it go. If we can imagine sending our worries into the ground, we will be able to be more calm. 


Try the trick of the hedgehog and lay your belly on the ground. Breath deep breaths and feel your  tummy fill up with air and push against the ground. Or you can stand with both feet on the ground and imagine that they are like tree trunks with roots growing deep into the earth beneath you.



Take a deep breath. Place your hand over heart and use your voice to say "I am calm and grounded."


1. They like to live near gardens, which

is how they got their names, from the hedges they hide under.

2. They sleep all day curled up into little balls, and play at night.

3. Babies are called "hoglets."

4.They make many different

sounds, including a huffing/puffing sound, and pig grunt, a hiss, and a chirping squeal.

5. There are 17 different species of Hedgehogs and they are from countries all over the world. One of the most famous types is the pygmy hedgehogs from Africa.

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