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The dolphin is a talker! You have probably seen videos of them just chatting away to humans when they live in an aquarium, but did you know they also talk to each other when they are underwater swimming? Some of the sounds are so low that humans would never be able to hear!


Dolphin is a good example of how to use your voice. Just like dolphin, you have different places where you spend your time.

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Some of your day is at home with your family, some of it is at school. And some of it is with friends doing activities. Probably there are some people you like talking to, and other people that you don't. 


Dolphins are friendly, playful and very intelligent. They remind us to be smart about what words we use, and to speak with kindness.

What nice things can you tell yourself today, because you deserve kind words too!



What is a kind thing that you can say to someone today? Or do you need to use your voice to stick up for someone who needs your help?


Can you use your voice to make a joyful, happy sound right now?



Take a deep breath. Place your hand over heart and use your voice to say "I choose to use my voice to spread love and joy."

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