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Owls are unique birds of prey that fly at night. The owl is wise and knows things many other animals do not. He knows how to fly in the air and make no sound, not even the whisper of flapping wings! Owl can also see in the dark, and can rotate their heads around 270 degrees to see behind them. Because of all these things, the owl KNOWS. We all have knowledge for various reasons.

Sometimes it is because we have studied hard. Other times it is because we have done it over and over, so we can remember how to do it again. And other times, we just  know something deep in our gut. 
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MIND: Take a deep breath into your belly, then another one into your heart. This will help to calm and focus your mind.

BODY: Sit down and close your eyes. Say "whoooooooo" like the Owl. Flap your wings! How did that feel? Did inspiration strike?

SPIRIT: Take a deep breath. Place your hand over heart and use your voice to say "I trust what I know, and if I don't know, I ask for help."
We don't know how, but we can just feel it. This is called intuition, and is a part of Owl's magic. Have you learned to listen to that inner voice, or that feeling in your gut?

It can often help you know if something is right or wrong. And it can help encourage you to take chances on trying new things! Use Owl wisdom to check back in with yourself to see what YOU know.
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