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New Beginnings
The rabbit is a small animal, and is often frightened. She worries about what bigger animals may be out to get her. She is usually quiet because she doesn't want anyone to see her or to find her. If rabbit were a kid, she would be hiding under the bed, behind a door, or inside a big bush.
Everyone is scared of something, it is just a part of being human. The trick is to not hide. Talk about what is bothering you to parents, teachers, or trusted friends. By talking about it out loud, we take the fear out of the hidden place in our hearts and put it in the air in front of us.


Old Book Opened.png

The magic of rabbit tells us to face our fears head on! Why? Well this is where the beauty of rabbit is born.


Once she gets over her scared ways, she comes out in the spring to experience all the new flowers that have blossomed. She finds fresh plants to chew, feels the warm sun on her face, and basks the magic of the world around her. It is in the new beginning of spring that baby bunnies are born.


Just like rabbit, if you can face your fears, you will earn the best prize: A new beginning full of wonderful things!




When you get scared, picture the fear in the form of a tiny white rabbit, and give it a hug. Or you can imagine it as a monster that just melts away when you throw water on it. Any trick will do!



Get into a squat position and jump up and down. Bounce like a bunny and feel your fear leave your body.



Take a deep breath. Place your hand over heart and use your voice to say "I am loved. I do not need to be afraid!"

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