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Salmon are very interesting fish. They somehow know that once every year they need to leave their ocean-home and swim up the rivers to lay eggs, which become baby salmon. This knowing that they have is a part of who they are. Have you ever heard someone say "go with your gut?" It means that your should trust yourself and the things that you know.


Instinct is another word for this. It is when you really feel something to be true. As a kid, it is important to listen to yourself. You DO have good ideas! But of course, always check with your parents first, because they will also be able to help you decide if something is the best choice.  

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Salmon is asking you, what do you know to be true about yourself? What is in your heart? Is there something that's really been on your mind that you need to talk to someone about?


Swim like Salmon by wiggling your body back and forth, and get ready to listen to your instincts!



Take a deep breath. Place your hand over heart and use your voice to say "I am powerful, and I choose to l trust my instincts."

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