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About Us

Our mission is to support kids, parents, teachers, and healthcare providers by creating access to affordable kid's holistic wellness programs.

We create articles, books and courses that foster young minds through the perfect blend of magic, science and artistic creativity.

Physical, mental and spiritual health is addressed through our unique Animal Wisdom Yoga and Art Classes.


The Board

Owner and Founder

Kelly Jensen is the founder of this company. With multiple degrees and extensive world-travel, she carries a unique perspective that informs all her work.
Kelly has a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Eastern University, and a BSN, MN, and Doctor of Nursing Practice from the University of Washington.

Additionally, she has several years of experience working in Pediatrics, and is also a Yoga Alliance Certified teacher. Kelly has taken a variety of  courses in trauma therapy, and has been educated in the science of neural re-wiring.

She is a HeartMath Certified Instructor for anxiety and depression, a technique which utilizes vagal nerve soothing, and can demonstrate actual positive cardiac changes in the body when monitored electronically.  Kelly has also taken courses created by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield in Mindfulness meditation.

Kelly has incorporated her scientific knowledge and various trainings into the creation of Animal Wisdom YogaTM.


Paula and kids 1.png

Kelly with her nieces


Paula Martin



Micah Nowak

Micah ....


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