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Our Offerings

Animal Wisdom Yoga

A proprietary blend of Yoga, based on our favorite animal characters!

Each class includes yoga, our Imagination Meditation, and Mindful Animal Art lesson. Group classes are available on Saturdays at 10 AM PST, by donation.


Storytelling with purpose

Check out our book selection.  Our stories address holistic wellness through animal characters that live in an enchanted world.


Our uniquely designed meditations for kids. These meditations assist in teaching mindfulness, resetting the nervous system, neural re-wiring, and invoking renewing emotional states, like love and gratitude.

Incorporated into our Yoga classes and available for purchase in the shop!

The Shop

📖 Awesome kid's books

🌟 Meditations

🎬 Yoga Class videos

🖍 Animal art class Videos

Animal Wisdom Cards

Cultures throughout time have  assigned various meanings to animals based on their characteristics. By tuning into the wisdom of each animal, we can learn ways to graciously move through our lives.  View some of our favorites under the menu tab.

Art Classes

Art feeds the soul! An animal drawing lesson is a part of each Yoga class.

Have an avid artist at home?

Purchase a collection of art lesson videos in the shop!

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