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Let's just be honest, nobody messes with the skunk. Animals and humans will immediately turn and run away when they see a skunk. This is because if it is perturbed in any way, it will spray one of the stinkiest smells that exists on the planet. What makes this smell even worse is that it doesn't wash off very well, and can even make a scent stain.

This is super cool because the skunk basically sets up very good boundaries for itself, without even having to do anything. It is just being itself!


Skunk can strut his stuff and live his life, because he is confident. He understands that by choosing to be himself, stinkiness and all, he honors who he is. This creates natural boundaries that others see and respect. 

Old Book Opened.png

This is very simple, but also very beautiful because the skunk doesn't have any need for nasty words, or hitting and bitting others.

All he has to do is to be himself!


That self-respect that he has lets everyone know to respect him right back! And what's even better is that self-respect automatically requires us to respect others too.

It is the perfect example of the "treat others as you want to be treated" creed.


Our friend the skunk is a stinky, peaceful warrior for respect.



One easiest ways to have self respect is to think about some of your best qualities as a person. But here's the catch: In order for it to be true respect, it also needs to be something that helps others, and not just yourself.



It's time to strut your stuff! Think about what you like about yourself and do a little happy dance around the room.


Take a deep breath. Place your hand over your heart and use your voice to say "I choose to respect myself." 

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