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The squirrel is a very busy animal, jumping from tree branch to rooftop, climbing to the tippy top of the tallest pine tree and chattering at any human who dares to sneak up on it's treasure chest.


All year long squirrel collects and stores up food for the winter. She is very smart and knows that sometimes we need to save for  when we may not have what we want at our fingertips.  

It is possible to collect many things. Maybe you have a rock collection, or perhaps you are really good at saving your money and putting it in a piggy bank.



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Take a minute to think about what it is that you like to collect. What matters the most to you?



Gather a few items you own that have special meaning to you. Then show a few to your friend, sibling or parent, and tell them why it is important to you. Remember to pick things that represent the important things in life, like a special memory or someone you love.



Take a deep breath. Place your hand over

heart and use your voice to say "I choose to collect things that matter."

But, we can also collect things that never go away: things like memories, love, or quality time.


Those kinds of things are the most important to collect. Ask yourself if you have been collecting too much stuff, or if you have been focusing on what really matters: moments with the people you love and who love you back.


Your job today is to claim the magic of squirrel and collect some happy memories!

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