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Teresa Garcia

Teresa is the owner of Blue Heron Artistic Design, the graphic arts design company from which Our Enchanted Earth purchased the majority of our artwork. She is a proud mother and artist. Teresa has recorded art lessons for our Animal Wisdom Yoga program. She is also responsible for the beautiful drawings on our Animal Wisdom Cards. Teresa lives with her family in the beautiful state of California.


Jade Stein
Creator of Yoga Sequences

Jade’s deep love and reverence for yoga began in 2013 when her dance teacher led her through a practice. It was the first time she connected her breath to movement, allowing her to surrender to the moment and take up space in a way she never had done with choreographed dance. Since then, yoga has lit a glow deep inside of her, inspiring her to embrace the practice as a lifestyle. 


Indeed, the spark of yoga radiants through Jade’s academic pursuits and career goals. With a background in Neuroscience (MSc), Jade has investigated the adolescent brain on mindfulness and the effects of mindfulness on youth mental health (i.e., depression and anxiety). She is currently undertaking studies to become a psychotherapist with the intention of integrating yogic philosophy with neuroscience principles in order to help individuals heal and grow. She is also certified in 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and Reiki Level 1. 


As a yoga teacher, Jade cultivates authenticity, intention, and acceptance in the here and now. Her classes offer dynamic and lighthearted sequencing as well as moments of stillness to allow student to melt into the present moment. Jade is honoured to create a playful and expansive environment for students, holding space for them to discover and connect to their own journey with the practice, both on and off the mat.

The  beautiful art on this website was purchased from
Blue Heron Artistic Design.

To commission work, please contact Teresa at


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